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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

We Walked Away, We can Always WALK Back

November's scheduled Fear-No-More World WALK has me travelling to Montreal, Canada, to spend the weekend "walking" with horses, with people interested in relating to horses from the point of view of horses rather than the traditional view-points of humans.

Horses, camels and other animals have walked alongside humans for millennia. In many cases they have been dragged, forced, beaten and whipped to walk with us. But all of our insensitivity was not necessary. They would have walked happily with us if we had approached them with love, respect and care. Even while enduring the hardships we have put them through they have, in general, always walked in the mode of Fear-No-More, surrendered to the moment, even though those moments were often very harsh. Yet as soon as we are willing they can and will guide us back to fearing-no-more, with grace, beauty and forgiveness. In a sense they have always been waiting for us to notice who they really are, how they are, and to do likewise...

The specific monthly Fear-No-More World WALKS we have been doing for almost a year now have served significantly in carrying forward some further degree of Adi Da's "Vision of Fear-No-More" into our respective lives. I know these walks have served me considerably. Getting out and leaving everything behind for a period and simply walking with happy, bodily, intent has been instructive for me in letting go of the subjectivity of who I think I am... restoring me each time to a clearer sense of being breathed, lived and released beyond my knowledge of anything at all....

The ongoing process of the WALKS has also raised awareness and support for Fear-No-More Zoo itself to new levels. There is still a lot more support needed but we are doing a little better, which is great. Please get involved in supporting this unique process between humans and non-humans, and invite your friends to check out "Fear-No-More" also.

I trust those of you who have been crazy enough to participate in these WALKS have also benefited in whatever ways are true of you.

I will continue living and combining my life with the Fear-No-More World WALKS -- ongoing. I will probably not be engaging the WALKS on the ritual monthly basis we've been following till now. For me, at least, change is necessary. Everything has it's moment and reasons. Everything shifts and changes. To keep things growing what becomes familiar has to be bounced and turned out so that what's next can come through and be embraced...

I will be doing these WALKS randomly from now on, any time I'm moved and often... and I will also be arranging for the undertaking of a longer annual WALK to commemorate, and further, the advancement of the "Vision of Fear-No-More". Details of the second annual WALK will be forthcoming, and I hope many of you will participate, wherever you reside.

Information on the origins of these WALKS can be found by perusing earlier posts in this blogsite.


Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All of Nature...

"All of Nature is Contemplating constantly... it's a culture of Contemplation, including the Earth itself. . . " -- Adi Da Samraj
Humans were once an integral part of ancient Earth's "culture of Contemplation" but now we stand apart in mind, philosophy, and personalized religion, full of projected meanings, increasingly separate from one another and every thing.

In this time we are experiencing a "fist" of unprecedented human fear gripping the world. There is so little Contemplation alive in human cultures anywhere today.

The non-human world is affected and confused by this. Where is the heart of humankind? Where has the human gone?

If this fist of fear and independence is not released it/we will choke and squeeze the life from everything we know.

May we all walk our lives, every step, feeling and releasing the fear, and supporting everyone to do this... again to Contemplate the Source of all Life, as was anciently done, free of man-made intermediaries, books or doctrines... but through breath, life and feeling heart.

This is the World WALK of Fearing-No-More; WALKING together, human, non-human, river, forest, desert, mountain... no difference, no separation... restoring Contemplation to every human heart regardless of race, culture, politics or religion.

(c) 2008 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd, as trustee for The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam. All rights reserved. Perpetual copyright claimed.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fear WALKS Away

These monthly WALKS are good, have gotten things going, but they're not themselves the "thing"... (next scheduled is this coming weekend - Sept 6 & 7)

Let's start WALKING all our lives, all our days, all of us, everywhere we go, whatever we do.

Because we don't WALK any more we are chronically afraid. If we remember the walkabout nomad deep in our hearts we can learn again how to release and breathe. If we let ourselves feel it, we will know how scared we really are. This fear makes us do weird things, crazy stuff. We get angry, become insensitive, out of balance, brutal toward ourselves, competitive with others, inwardly collapsed -- and destructive of this fragile world.

Our fear and anger make others feel afraid, too. And all this also makes the non-human world vulnerable, insecure and confused. The non-humans, watching from their perches at forest edge, get confused by the erratic activities of humans. Our dogs and cats are confused because they notice we don't know how to be.

One day of my life mysteriously brought me into Fear-No-More Zoo, a place requiring me to feel my fear, face it, love it. Almost everything in me always wants to run as far away as I can from the fear -- my death, and away from others. I used to run a lot. Now I'm called in every moment, by every thing, to "Fear-No-More". Sometimes it's almost too much.

At first I was like, "whaat?" All I really knew and trusted was my fear. Let go of that? Love instead? Take that wild, irrational, fear and embrace it and never run again? "Whaat??!"

Sometimes the fear pumps so hard every cell bursts and contracts, believing the terror. Only uncomfortable, sometimes painful, love keeps me here, loving life, truth, camel, pig, parrot, horse, you. It's not often perfect love but it keeps me here, breathing the fright, knowing it, letting it free.

These WALKS we've been doing... let's keep them going... and also do them every day... Fear-No-More World WALKS as a never-ending prayer for the advancement of a world free of the crunch of unnecessary human fear.

WALK to the fridge, the bathroom, across the aisle, down the street, over a mountain, to a friend, invoking the spiritually contemplative depth that becomes, and is, "Fearing-No-More", which is love-surrender through and beyond fear... to the deep stillness existing beyond name, religion, species and place...

WALK in your car, on your bike, your horse, in your canoe. WALK in your sleep, your repose, in your garden, while you're shopping, too.

In doing this we might, at last, find the world free of all that fear creates and destroys with every grimaced grunt. We don't have to suffer the fate of unenlightened men and women, burdened forever beneath the dripping mouth of imagined death's fear.

Adi Da Samraj: The human world is the fear world.
The non-human world is not
the fear world.

So Fear-No-More...
like the non-humans do !


(c) 2008 The Avataric Samrajya of Adidam Pty Ltd, . All rights reserved.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

And Then So Clear....

It's been about 8 months since the Fear-No-More Awareness Walks commenced.
People have been getting out and about around the world, participating in these low-key Walks on a regular monthly basis. I think on any monthly Walk we might have people walking in about 30 locations.

There is a part of me that could very easily just go walking and stay walking... walk all over the place, be a wanderer, a nomad... not so much for the sake of anything altruistic, any change, but just to walk; because it's so original and primal to wander without concern for property, without so many restrictions, boundaries and limits. This isn't going to happen though, except briefly here and there....

These days life is different than when men and women lived in tipis and yurts and followed the bison or the caribou. Imagine following the seasons throughout your entire life, being that interconnected, and interdependent, with the world. When mother weather shakes, rumbles and moves you get up and move with her... inseparable from her whims. Imagine your outlook on everything, how released and pliant you would need to be...

We are (most of us) now so far from that kind of life. Yet, deep within our cells, our intuitions, still beats the primitive impulse to wander, to walkabout, to be free.

These monthly Walks are a symbolic, motivating, gesture for our deeply buried impulses to be free; to walk free of the daily news, to walk free of the mind that locks us into what we look like, or seem to be, rather than who we are, which is Free -- and free of fear.

We are all walking somewhere so wherever we walk let it be toward a world, a life and an awareness that is free of unnecessary fear -- for everyone.

In honour of our nomadic forebears let's return, to everything we do, the essentials of those ancient walkabout cultures -- the wisdom, the tolerance, the understanding of cold rain and hot sun, sharing through famine and oasis, the patience, the smiles and softness through hard times, the yielding of every moment to Life itself.

And may our continuing monthly Fear-No-More World WALKS be a simple, ongoing, happy, reminder, and prayer, for all of us to release ourselves and one another beyond fear.... to the Tree.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Next WALK - August 2 & 3

The next scheduled Fear-No-More World WALK is this weekend (August 2 & 3).

Loving Fear

In my humble experience the chronic underlying fear of death dissolves whenever I love.

When I stop running from, and avoiding my fear, but instead turn to face, accept and allow it, increasingly allow it to be a part of my experience, the fear dissolves, losing its force.

From the time I began serving at Fear-No-More Zoo I have progressively, if not "suddenly", gone through a clarifying process with regard to fear. Today, fifteen years later, I find I am choosing simply to love my fear. In any moment where I let myself feel it, deeply feel it, to the degree I do I am engulfed by a life impulse within which fear is embraced and exceeded.

I don't love fear because I like it or in order to encourage it. I've come to love it because it is present and active in everything I do, in every moment, and it's not going away through any effort or struggle or search. Finally, my only real choice has become loving it. This is not romantic or infatuous love but an essential impulse that overwhelms me. In part, too, I love the fear simply because it is afraid, and pitiful, and needs love in order to be free. Loving the fear is equal to loving myself, loving the entire event of the life within which I somehow exist.

In daily meditation, the WALKS I've been doing, in my service to the animals and at other times, feeling notices fear, dissolves it, and opens to un-thought-of life and mystery.

Animals' constant bodily sense and awareness of being part of the food chain, that death is potential in any moment, swells their contemplative residence within the Mystery of Life, and the Divine, anchoring them in the disposition of "fearing-no-more". They don't philosophize that death might happen to them. They know it will. And when the time arrives they know how to yield and release themselves into the process of mortal death with a grace few humans are practiced enough to equal.

The tacit knowledge of inescapable death inspires animals into fully embracing their situation without argument or complaint and, through their natural meditative depth, feeling is released to move life into the place, and disposition, of "fearing-no-more".

Described by Adi Da Samraj as "Fearing-No-More", this disposition abides not in the absence of fear and threat, but through the fully feeling acceptance of fear and threat, perpetually releasing through love-surrender to life and mystery.

Fear-No-More World WALKS invoke our human embrace and acceptance of mortal fear, loving life beyond all apparent deaths past, present and still to come...